CANTOP/Brand history

2007, the products was upgraded in an all-round way to restore the effect of natural logs, which shocked the pottery industry. As soon as the products was launched, the demand exceeded the supply and became the imitation object of the industry.

2009, with the product concept,it won the honor of "Ten Innovative Planning" in China's construction and sanitary ceramics industry, high-quality products and excellent after-sales service, and was awarded "Consumer Satisfaction Brand" by "China Building Material Circulation Association".

2011, Cantop products were designated as ceramic tiles by many large groups.

2013, Cantop held the First National Summit of Comto Partners, which launched 55 new products of wood-grain bricks, and comprehensively used ink-jet printing technology to highlight the core concept of making "wood-grain brick brand" by Cantop Ceramics.

2015, Taiwanese designer Zhu Baiyang was hired as the general consultant of design to jointly carry out R&D and product demonstration of Cantop products, so as to make the brand of Cantop more high and valuable.

2016, after three years of hard research, we finally conquered the technology of low water absorption original bordered ceramic wood bricks in the industry, redefined the high-end wood-grain bricks with rare wood texture and texture as "ceramic wood bricks" with technical advantages, design advantages and matching advantages, and pioneered the category of ceramic wood bricks.

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