CANTOP/Corporate culture

Creating High Quality Ceramic Products and Promoting Happy Life Index

Enterprise Vision: Do your best to be a leader in the industry to satisfy customers

Core Values: To enjoy happiness in society, we must create happiness in society.

Enterprise Spirit: Hard-working will win, win-win is really win

Market outlook: the market is not good, reverse oneself; the market is smooth, but also to be enterprising

Marketing Concept: Marketing is to use our resources to better serve customers

Competition View: Face Competition, Civilization Competition

Profit outlook: Profit is a vote of trust that society votes for enterprises to meet their needs; your salary is paid by customers, and it is the return that customers are satisfied with.

Cooperative View: Consider the interests of the partners first while considering their own interests

Service concept: transposition thinking, exceeding expectations

View of Implementation: Implement immediately when you understand and go all out; Communicate immediately if you don't understand and reach consensus.

Consciousness: Only weak ideas, no weak market; ideas change from place to place, ideas change from place to place.

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